What is good design?

The Monocle Forecast talked with Philipp Thesen about how design makes the difference. The question was how designers make sure we build things that feel personal and useful. The answer: To look at the people – what they do, what they like and how they get around town. Designers have to know what customers are and what they need. To make their lives easier.

Monocle: What is good design?

Philipp Thesen: People often think of design as an act of surface beautification. But good design is never just about how something looks. It is how it works. And more importantly, it is a way of working, thinking and being. Design is the strategic approachto taking the needs of people and turning them into meaningful, simplifying experiences that truly matter.


Monocle: How are you developing design skills?

Philipp Thesen: We believe that there is no „design thinking“ without „doing“. So we eatablished Telekom Design Academy to learn, experienceand apply „design thinking“ methodes and tools. We invite our colleagues throughout the company to join practical workshops where tey can learn about how design will make their projects and processes better.


Monocle: How do you work at Telekom Design?

Philipp Thesen: We have three priorities: innovation, differentiation and consistency. Innovation focuses on making our vision of the future tangible today. Design differentiation means classical roadmap delivery. We support product teams by creating target pictures, analysing customer needs and of course by delivering user experience and visual design. And finally consistency by creating a familiar feeling for our customers through all the products and services we offer.

Philipp Thesen | The Monocle Forecast: designing the difference

What is good design?
An interview with Philipp Thesen
Published in the Monocle Forecast 05/2017


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